Running a pro wrestling news website is a great way to cover the world of WWE, ROH, TNA, and other wrestling promotions. The key to running a successful wrestling news website is reaching out to fans and connecting with them over their passion for the world of sports-entertainment. One way to do this is by creating a booth for various conventions. Comic conventions, pop-culture conventions, and sports conventions are just a few that you can hire event booth space in. Instead of just showcasing advertisements for your news website, you can reach out to fans with four different ideas to use within a single booth. Each of these ideas will help you showcase a passion for wrestling and help you promote your website in a positive way.

Wrestler Autograph Sessions

Instead of displaying a basic booth, you can make your area a large attraction by setting up a wrestler autograph session. There are numerous talent agencies that offer wrestlers available for bookings. Through these bookings, you can select past and present wrestling stars to work at your booth. During a set time, the performer can sign autographs, take images, and meet fans. You may also be able to hold a brief interview with them that can be used on your website and help add some credibility to the news you supply. This can help extend the use of the performer and help garner new fans for your website. Booking fees vary for various stars, but you can help pay down those costs by charging set fees for autographs or pictures. By using your business logo as a backdrop, everyone that takes images with a pro wrestler will have your website in the background. It's an ideal way to organically spread your wrestling brand.

Fantasy Wrestler Photo Booths

Many pop-culture conventions focus on dressing up and showcasing different characters. This fits perfectly in the world of pro-wrestling where characters like the Ultimate Warrior, Bray Wyatt, and Kane have come to life over the years. Mix the world of costumes and pro wrestling together by hosting a fantasy wrestler photo booth. A photo booth rental supplies you with instant photos that people can take home within minutes. On the borders of each photo strip, you can provide your website and logo so people can visit it directly. Use a couple of plastic totes to feature various wrestler costume pieces. This includes wrestling masks, athletic gear, wrestling t-shirts, and props like championship belts. Wrestling fans will enjoy getting dressed up and taking memorable photos inside the booth.

Wrestling Trivia Contests

During a convention, guests are often traveling from booth to booth at quick rates. Instead of just passing by your booth or glancing at it quickly, you can provide them with reasons to stay. A wrestling trivia contest is a great way to offer prizes and attract some of the biggest wrestling fans at the convention. Compile various trivia questions that can be used throughout the convention. There are also a number of wrestling trivia apps that can help you come with question ideas. You can set up a single prize for answering correctly or create a tiered prize structure. For example, the second place prize may be a sticker for your company, the first place prize may be a wrestling magazine, and the grand prize may be a wrestling DVD. Ensure that you have plenty of prizes to last throughout the convention.

Wrestling Items for Sale

Keep people looking and accessing your booth by featuring a variety of items for sale. Wrestling t-shirts are a popular go-to item. Along with t-shirts representing real wrestlers, you can also offer shirts with your website logo. Additional items to sell include wrestling collectibles like autographed photos and rare action figures. This can help attract big wrestling fans as they seek the various products that are for sale.

Plan ahead to ensure that your booth has plenty of things to help attract wrestling fans. You can even mix a few of these ideas together to create a dynamic booth with different activities. For more information about having a booth at an expo or convention, contact a company like Meet Chicago Northwest.