Many brides dream of an outdoor wedding, with the beauty of nature playing a major role in the décor and magic of the day. The process of choosing the perfect outdoor venue goes beyond finding a place that fits your budget and has room for your party, though. Answering following questions can help you pick the perfect outdoor wedding venue.

Can the venue support your catering needs?

Not all outdoor venues have a kitchen available for the caterers to use. This means the caterers will need to make the food ahead of time and then keep it warm until it is time to serve it at the reception. They will also require a staging area to plate the food before serving it. Check with the catering service to make sure they can work within the limitations of the venue if there won't be a kitchen available for use.

Is there electricity at the site?

Remote or rustic venues may not provide electricity, which can put a damper on food preparation, music, and even décor choices. While some caterers can work around a lack of electricity, most bands or DJs will require electricity. Generators may not be an option due to their noise. You also need electricity for powering lights and fans during the ceremony and reception.

What options are available for bad weather?

You can't control the weather on your wedding day, so it is best to have a contingency plan. Make sure the venue has event tents available or will allow you to set up rented tents in the case of rain or other weather concerns. It's even better if the venue offers some sort of indoor space that you can relocate parts of the ceremony to, especially in the event that high winds or other extreme weather becomes an issue.

Can your guests easily access the venue?

While a countryside or remote venue can be attractive, it needs to be accessible to all of your guests. Make sure that the roads into the venue are easily passable for vehicles of all types. The venue also needs to provide for adequate parking. Finally, make sure that the wedding and reception area is accessible for guests with mobility issues. A field wedding may be fun, but if the field is rutted, it can be difficult for wheelchairs and dangerous for those that aren't very sure on their feet.

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