If you want custom wedding invitations, but also want to save a little money as well, here are three tips that will help you save money while still purchasing some unique invitations.

#1 Use Light Weight Paper

One of things that can drive up the cost of your wedding invitations is the type of paper that you use. Wedding invitations are often printed on thick paper, which can be expensive. Additionally, thick paper adds to the overall weight of your wedding invitations, which will increase the cost of shipping them.

When you go in to design your wedding invitation, ask to see and feel different types and weights of paper. You don't have to go with standard printer paper, but trying to choose a lighter weight type of paper will help lower the cost of making and sending your invitations.

#2 Stick To A Couple Colors

Second, the more colors you use on your wedding invitation, the more the cost can be driven up, especially if you are printing an image on them. Try to stick to a couple of colors; this should decrease the cost of printing your invitations.

That doesn't mean you can't have fun though. Use your wedding colors or both of your favorite colors for the print on the invitations. Keeping it simple and classy with the ink on the invitations is an easy way to save money.

#3 Use Online RSVPs

Finally, there are lots of different ways to request that people RSVP to your wedding. The old fashion way included putting a card into your wedding invitation that let your guests respond with how many people would be attending your wedding and even what type of food they wanted to have. That meant including a card and self-addressed envelope with return postage.

Doing RSVPs this way adds a lot of money to the cost of your invitations. To start with, you have to pay to print the cards and for an extra set of envelopes. You also have to pay for another set of stamps for all of your guests. Finally, this will increase the overall weight of your invitations and thus increase the postage costs.

You can cut down on this costly tradition by including a website where individuals can RSVP. You can use a free wedding website that allows people to RSVP without adding more costs to your wedding. If you have any elderly relatives you know don't use the internet, you could print out your own RSVP cards and provide return envelopes for those select individuals, but not for the majority of your invites. 

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