DJ services are awesome for pretty much any event where music is going to be involved, but there are certain events where hiring a DJ is an exceptionally good idea. This article is going to discuss 3 excellent events to hire a DJ service, like Royal Entertainment, to come and play at. 

Wedding Reception 

When guests come to your wedding reception, they are likely expecting to eat good food, enjoy good company, and of course to listen to music and dance. Rather than just having a CD player and sound system that plays pre-recorded tracks, you can instead hire a DJ to come and play at your wedding reception. This is going to not only improve the music and the sound quality a great deal, but it will motivate a lot more of your guests to get up and dance. 

Sweet 16 Birthday Party 

If you are throwing a sweet 16 birthday party for your child, you are likely doing everything in your power to make the party special and memorable for them. One great way to make the party a huge hit with your child, and all of their friends, is to hire a DJ to come and play at the party. You can create a set list that includes all of your child's favorite bands and songs, and then give the DJ free range to play these songs and other songs that are similar. This is going to create some amazing quality music for your child and their friends to dance to at the party, and will make it a party to remember. 

High School Dance 

A huge complaint that many high school students have about their dances, is the fact that the music isn't as good as they would like it to be. They either aren't a fan of the music that is being played, or they feel that the music sound is low quality. A great way to eliminate this issue is going to be to hire a DJ to come and handle the music at the high school dance. The DJ is going to be able to play relevant songs that the high school students will love, and the sound and quality of the music is going to be amazing. They can also mix and mash some songs up, which the students will absolutely love because it gives them something new and fresh to listen and dance to.