One way that you can make a long-lasting impression on your party guests is by filling your venue space with illuminated items, such as tables, bars and even dance floors. These glowing, LED-lit pieces will give your evening soiree an elegantly modern look.

You don't have to worry about breaking your party-planning budget by purchasing the lighted items, as you can borrow them from party rental businesses. Many special event companies offer a wide range of the LED-lit pieces to accommodate every type of occasion. You can use the glowing rentals to enhance bridal showers, wedding receptions, anniversary celebrations, and birthday and holiday parties, among other special events. 

Here are some illuminated party rentals to consider using for your next event:

1. Tables

If you're only renting one type of lighted element for your party, make it a table or two. Not only will the tables come in handy for serving food and dining, they'll make a big visual impact in the space. You can typically choose from round tables that will accommodate several guests each, or elevated cocktail tables for more intimate dining and drinking. Some rental companies offer matching lighted chairs as well.

Some illuminated tables, as well as all LED-lit furniture pieces, come in one solid color, while others feature color-changing lights. Choose a solid hue, such as pink or blue, that coordinate with your party theme, or go for a items that change colors according to a set timer.

2. Cubes

Lighted cubes are perfect if you just want to add touches of illumination throughout the special event venue. The lightweight, durable plastic cubes can typically be used both indoors and outdoors, and come in a choice of colors so you can customize them according to your theme. 

Illuminated cubes are convenient as they can be used as both small tables and seating options, depending on your needs.

3. Dance Floors 

If your event will feature either live musical entertainment or a DJ, consider treating guests to a glowing dance floor. The floors generally feature square tiles that are easy to put together, and will any type of venue, from a country barn to a reception hall, a dance club vibe. 

Choose a LED floor that is lit in just one color, or pick one that changes hues periodically. Some floors can also display video images and even interactive features, which are both touch- and sound-sensitive.