If you are getting married, start thinking about the kinds of party favors you are going to give to guests. It pays to put some thought into sentimental, but affordable, gifts for each attendee at your nuptials.

Try these 15 favors for your wedding:

1. Mini wine bottles. For the adult-crowd, give each guest a mini bottle of wine with a personalized label paying tribute to the day and the couple.

2. Mason jar treats. These rustic jars of goodies are becoming more popular, from cakes-in-jars to mixes for the consumer to whip-up themselves.

3. Cherished photo gifts. Create something sentimental using a couple baby pictures of the couple and some current-day shots. Collages, cards, and even tee-shirts bearing these photos are fun favors.

4. High-end chocolate. Give each guest something sweet to take home, but make it a very high-end chocolate. Buy truffles, bars, or pieces that can be packaged in tulle-bags or cute little boxes for each wedding guest.

5. Candles. Candles are a great favor because they also bring a light fragrance to the venue when you have them lined up for guests to take.

6. Handmade soap. There are so many ways to make cute and clever soap. Plan a day of projects with the wedding party and use online instructions to make your own unique wedding favor soap.

7. Matchbooks. It is very classy and quite retro to have customized matchbooks made for your wedding. These are a cherished favor that many people may collect.

8. Signature drink. Give each guest a piece of barware with your wedding's signature drink recipe attached with a ribbon to the stem or lip of the glass. For instance, tie the recipe for your favorite margarita to the stem of an inexpensive margarita glass; for added pizzazz, use oil-paint markers to write the date, guest's name, or cute message on the glass.

9. Custom socks. For a fun favor, order customized novelty socks from bulk-suppliers to give to each guest.

10. Keepsake key-fob. Have leather, glass, or acrylic key-fobs personalized for your wedding with the date of the nuptials.

11. Something artsy. If one of the betrothed is artistic, have them draw, paint, or create something that can be reproduced on a card and given to the guests.

12. Novelty jewelry. Order some fun and festive jewelry, such as cuff-links or charms, to give to each guest. For instance, if the couple are fans of a certain TV show or cartoon character, make these trinkets signify that.

13. Beach-to-go. For destination weddings at a tropical location, give each guest a tiny bottle of sand and shells with the date of the nuptials written and tied to the top.

14. Tea-towels. Personalize tea-towels with information about the couple and give to each guest to take home. Consider tying with twine and attaching a cute cookie cutter, wooden spoon, or other culinary-inspired item.

15. Potted-plants. Give each guest a little bit of life to take home with them in the form of a potted plant, herb, or flower.

Consider these 15 party favors for your wedding, and give something back to those that show up and give support on your special day!