A double deck trade show display is a booth of sorts for trade shows. It has an upper deck that is accessed by stairs, with a lower deck on which guests can walk through and around the first deck and underneath the second deck above. So, what does this type of trade show display bring to the party and why would you want to buy or rent one? The answer is lots, with plenty of reasons.

Party Upstairs, Business Downstairs

Like a finely groomed mullet, there is always room for a party on the upper deck of this display. You could hire live entertainment to draw in the crowds, then spin your business down below. Toss promo goods into the crowd, like a reverse-underpants-at-the-rock-star situation. Guests get t-shirts, baseball caps, and other goodies with your advertising on it while they watch the entertainment above. Run screens with business information at the same time down below the music. It really draws the crowds.


Maybe there is already a lot of partying going on at the trade show. Then your upper deck can provide a scenic view for guests to rest their feet and watch the other entertainers from on high. You will have to scope out the entertainment taking place at the trade show already before you decide to create a relaxation deck. The best part about this idea is that, if you are just one of a handful of two-story trade show booths that provide a "relaxation deck," guests cannot afford to forget what businesses are offering this feature at their booths.

A Place to Sit and Eat Your Meals

Since it is not exactly professional to consume meals at a trade show in front of your guests and right in your booth, the upper deck provides a great spot to take a break and eat your meals. If you do not use the upper deck for anything else, you can at least make good use of it for this purpose. That way no guest sees you eating that chili dog and fries while trying to promote your products or services.

Why Buy or Rent a Double Decker Trade Show Display

If you expect to be doing a lot of trade shows in the next year, it is good to know that you have your own display and do not have to rely on whatever is available when you get to the venue. This particular kind of display is also very portable and easy to assemble and disassemble. If you know that you are only going to do ten or less trade shows, then renting the double decker display is an even better option for keeping down business promotion expenses.

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