If you are looking for a family-friendly activity that you can enjoy with your teenagers, renting an escape room at an amusement center is an activity to contemplate participating in. An escape room is a small chamber that is designed to look like the inside of a cabin, boat, or similar structure and you and your kids will be provided with clues to help you unlock the door and exit the room in the time allotted. Use the tips below to enhance your experience while inside of an escape room.

Dress The Part And Act Accordingly

Because escape rooms are rented on a first come first serve basis, it is a good idea to reserve a room well in advance. Prior to securing a room, inquire about the layout in each rental so that you can choose a theme that is intriguing to you and your kids. For example, if a pirate ship is one of the settings that you can choose from and you and your children like the sound of it, dress the part by donning clothing reminiscent of pirate lore, including tattered pants, shirts, and eye patches.

After arriving at the amusement center and being locked inside of a room, continue acting as if you are pirates while you work together to solve clues. By acting and dressing the part, you and your kids will feel as if you are really locked inside of a room on a pirate ship, which will add a thrill factor to the experience. 

Allow Each Person To Try Their Hand At Solving Clues

Instead of jumping the gun and spouting out answers to clues and providing directives for your children to follow, take your time to think about each clue and encourage your children to try to solve the clues on their own. After reading over the clues and deciphering them to the best of each of their abilities, allow your children to take turns attempting to open the door by using their own set of answers to the clues.

If your children are unsuccessful during their attempts, try to open the door by using the solutions that you came up with. If none of you can solve the clues on your own, collaborate ideas that each person came up with to try to find a solution that works. 

Try To Exit The Room In Less Time Than What Is Allotted

When renting an escape room, you will be provided with an amount of time to solve clues and open the door to the rental room. Plenty of time to solve clues will be provided, but you and your children may find that the whole experience is a little bit more challenging if you pretend that a shorter amount of time is available for clues to be solved.

For instance, if you are provided with one hour to solve the clues, pretend that only thirty minutes is available to up the ante for the challenge and provide you and your kids with an adrenaline rush that may help each person solve clues in a quick manner.