If you want to provide your children with a fun way to celebrate the end of the school year and welcome the beginning of their summer vacation, host a party in your backyard for them and their classmates. An inflatable obstacle course and inflatable water slide can be rented to use during the event and games can be incorporated while the children are using the equipment.

Play Music For The Children

Music that is played while the children are enjoying the obstacle course may be uplifting and help the children remain motivated as they work their way through each part of the course. If you would like to play a musical chairs type of game, tell the children to line up near the entryway to the course and to wait until you turn the music on.

Once you begin playing music on a stereo or iPod, instruct the children to start moving through the course. Turn off the music without giving any notice. At this point, instruct the children to stop moving. Whoever is the furthest from the end of the course needs to be eliminated. Continue playing music and turning it off until only one child is left. Give this child a medal or small trophy for their achievement. 

Place Floating Objects In The Water

The inflatable water slide will have a shallow pool attached to it that the children will land in once they have gone down the slide. To make each session more exciting and to add a competitive air to the event, place small sponge shapes or other floating objects inside of the pool after filling the pool with water.

Instruct the children to line up near the inflatable ladder that is connected to the slide. Tell the children that you would like them to take turns going down the slide and that you will provide each one with several seconds to gather as many floating items as they can.

Use a stopwatch to keep track of the time that is allotted for each participant. After each round, count the items that were collected before placing the items back in the pool. Reward the child who collects the most items with a gift certificate or prize.

Set Up A Viewing And Eating Section

Your children and some of their classmates may want to rest after exerting a lot of energy while using the inflatable items. Provide them with a shaded viewing area so that they can sit down and rest while watching others who are still using the inflatables. A canopy that is erected across from the inflatables will provide everyone with shelter from the sun.

Set up some lawn chairs and tables underneath the canopy. Prepare sandwiches and salads before the party and bring the food items outdoors, right before the guests are due to arrive. Serve the children food while they are sitting under the canopy and invite the others to sit down and eat when they want to take a break from using the inflatables. 

For more information, contact your local inflatable obstacle course rentals service today.