Throwing a jungle-themed birthday party can be a great option for a backyard event, and decorating the space can be a fun part of the day's activities. Here are some decorating options you might want to consider for this fun day.

Decorate a Rental Tent

Chances are, you'll want to rent a tent for the party. The tent creates a cozy dining area that's shielded from the sun and potential bad weather, and it also creates the perfect focal point for the party. You can decorate the tent by investing in grass skirts, which can be attached to the top and hung from the sides. This creates a unique look while keeping with your party theme. Get creative underneath the tent by wrapping the poles in silk leaves. You can find these leaves at your local arts and crafts store. Consider adding plush monkeys and birds to the rafters, and look for small banana pinatas you can hang. These pinatas can also be used during the party as a fun game. Look for a company that offers event tent rentals in your area.

Choose Unique Seating

Unique seating for the party means thinking beyond folding metal chairs. You can rent bamboo wood chairs to create a fun, themed look, or you can ditch the chairs completely in favor of wooden crates. You may be able to rent crates from your party supply company, or you can purchase them from a local home goods store. Place cozy cushions with animal prints on top to create seating benches, and be sure to rent tables that are the proper height to work with any crates or chairs you select. If you do opt for crate seats, a longer buffet-style table might be your best option for both comfort and aesthetics.

Rent Large Stuffed Animals

Large stuffed animals can add to the jungle theme, and they can also create a great option for taking pictures with your guests. Consider oversized gorillas, tigers, snakes, and monkeys for the party. You can even rent a menagerie of animals to decorate the entire party area. If you are planning to set up a photo booth, use a few of these animals, and make some explorer-style dress-up clothes available as well.  For example, khaki button-down shirts, binoculars, bandanas, and safari hats are all great options.

Talk to your party equipment rental company about other options that might be available, such as jungle-themed bouncy castles, party lighting, and even fake tress you can use to make your backyard jungle-themed party a truly special event for your birthday boy or girl.