Does your family have a reunion every year? If so, you more than likely take turns being the host for each reunion. From planning outdoor activities to taking the group to a family fun center, here are some ideas that might help you to plan a family reunion that everyone will enjoy.

Outdoor Fun - Think of reserving a park in your area where you can set up games and other fun events. For example, divide the group into teams and have a scavenger hunt right at the park. You could make it a nature scavenger hunt with family members looking for things like squirrels and specific trees. Consider having a baseball game. If you do that, remember to place strong players with younger kids who may need some help. If there's a swimming pool at the park, you may not have to even play any games, as family members will probably want to be in the pool.

For those who don't want to swim, think of having something like a craft table or a table where people can play cards or board games. And, of course, plan a picnic. The park will more than likely have picnic benches for your group to use. Bring things like balls that can be used by people of all ages, whether it's a soft game of dodge ball or whether it's a game of keep-away. 

Indoor Fun - Head to a family fun center! At this type of business, there will more than likely be something for everybody in the group to enjoy. Expect to see things like laser tag, mini golf, batting cages, jumping areas, and maybe even a bowling alley. There will be popular electronic games and maybe even a photo booth where participants can get their picture taken with other family members. In addition, there will probably be a snack bar and maybe even a restaurant.

Think about that. What it means is that, while kids are playing on the fun equipment, adults can enjoy visiting while eating a snack between meals. Of course, you'll make sure that little ones are well supervised. If you do decide to take your group to a family fun center as part of your family reunion, think about calling the center ahead of time. Let the clerk know exactly which date your group will be arriving and give a close estimate of how many people will be coming to the family fun center. 

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