If you're planning any type of big special event with a large guest list, you'll more than likely need to rent one or more items. An outdoor event, however, may require a few additional rentals that are designed to make sure the party goes smoothly and that all of your friends and family members are comfortable.

Party rentals can come in handy for a wide range of outdoor events, such as wedding ceremonies and receptions, adults' and children's birthday parties, graduation celebrations, anniversary soirees, bridal and baby showers, and family reunions. Being prepared is especially important during times of the year known for inclement weather, such as a rainy season. 

In addition to providing protection from natural elements, you can use various party rentals, such as decor pieces or lighting, to enhance the venue's overall aesthetic. Whether you're using the decorative accents outdoors or inside a party tent, they'll give the space ambiance. 

Here are some rental ideas for your next outdoor event:

1. Party Tents

The number-one item you should consider renting when planning your celebration is a party tent. Not only will it provide cover from rain, but it can also act as overflow space if your venue gets too crowded. For instance, if all of your guests can't fit comfortably inside a country barn or under a gazebo, you can set up food tables and chairs under the tent. 

Tents come in a range of sizes, from 10-by-10 to 50-by-50-feet, to accommodate all of your guests. They also come in a variety of styles, including pole, frame, marquee, sailcloth, and carnival tents, depending on your event budget and theme. To keep with the natural feel of the event, consider renting a tent with a clear vinyl top to allow the sun or moonlight to shine in.

2. Lighting Elements 

If you're holding a nighttime event outdoors, the right lighting elements are essential. To create a romantic ambiance or an intimate feel, wrap strings of white lights around trees, poles or beams, or hang rustic wrought-iron lanterns from branches over the tables.

You can also rent more elaborate lighting pieces, such as crystal chandeliers, LED-lit furniture, a mobile bar, and even glowing portable dance floors. Rented ground lights will help light the way into and out of your event space. 

3. Decorations 

Although nature will provide the ultimate backdrop for your outside soiree, you can enhance the space with specific decor pieces. For instance, say "I do" under a vine-wrapped arch or welcome guests into the party with dramatic entranceway.

Other rented decoration ideas include table linens and chair cushions, elaborate centerpieces, and balloon arches.