If you're still putting the pieces together for your wedding day, you may be considering music options. Many couples choose to hire a DJ for their wedding day, but that may not be exactly what you're looking for. You may want to think about hiring a live wedding band or live musician to make your day extra special. They can play the exact type of music that you like, and it will be a memorable experience for all. Here are the reasons to consider hiring a live wedding band for your wedding day: 

Get Built-in Entertainment

When you hire a live wedding band, you get added entertainment. If you're worried about gaps in speaking or activities or if you just worry that your day won't be exciting, a wedding band can help you greatly. They serve as a way to entertain with their live music, but they can also entertain by speaking to and with your guests. 

It's Unexpected

For many wedding guests, a DJ is the norm. They may already have that idea in their mind before they arrive at your special celebration. Having a live wedding band is a great way to make an unexpected change in the norm. It can be exciting and fun for all! 

Guests Can Request Songs

It can be more exciting to request a song that can be played live than to just have a DJ play a pre-recorded song. When you hire a live band, you give your guests that special chance to request any song they want during your event. That makes things fun for them! 

It Creates a Memorable Experience

Most people will love that you chose a wedding band instead of a DJ or just music playing off of a CD. It's a unique and memorable experience that won't go unnoticed. This may turn out to be one of the most favorite memories from your special day. 

It Creates a Magical Energy

Having a live band is also a great way to change the whole atmosphere and energy of your event. It creates a magical vibe that can't be matched by a DJ. 

As you can see, there are many reasons to hire a live wedding band. If you want to make your musical choice special and fun, be sure to consider hiring a live band for your wedding day. Speak with local bands in your area, such as Band X Live, to learn more about their wedding entertainment options.