If the thought of saying "I do" in the sunshine and then celebrating the night under the stars sounds like your dream wedding, an outdoor wedding venue may be right for you. While you can host your nuptials and reception in a friend's backyard or at a local park, there are many more creative options available to you. 

No matter what your wedding budget is, you'll be able to find an outdoor venue that won't leave you strapped for cash months after the ceremony. If you're willing to get creative, a lot of outside spaces may even cost less than traditional indoor event venues.

While an outdoor celebration space offers many benefits and even conveniences, they can present additional problems as well. For example, one potential problem you may face is inclement weather, especially if you're having a spring or summer wedding where rain or thunderstorms are common. Excess heat and pesky bugs are other possible annoyances. 

If you have enough space, consider pitching a rental tent on the outdoor venue grounds to help keep your guests happy and comfortable throughout the wedding. You can place fans inside the tent, as well as tables and chairs for eating and socializing in case of bad weather. 

After weighing all of the pros and cons of outdoor event spaces, here are a few unique ones to consider.

1. A Yacht 

For water-loving couples, a yacht may be the answer. If you're having a small wedding ceremony and an intimate reception, a large yacht should offer more than enough space to celebrate. Before reserving the boat, inquire as to whether any types of decorations, such as balloons or lighting elements, are allowed. You'll also need to figure out a convenient way to bring food onto the yacht and serve it. 

If you prefer to remain docked throughout the event, you can rent an out-of-commission historic vessel, which will provide plenty of romantic ambiance on your big day. The party can then spill over onto the adjacent boatyard or onsite restaurant if you'd like. 

2. Theme Park

When it comes to entertaining wedding venue locations, you can't get much better than a theme park. Whether it's a small, local park or a well-known nationwide destination, it's sure to please adventure-loving guests of all ages.

In addition to access to the park for the day or night, you can also reserve a private indoor or outdoor celebration space. Some parks may also offer onsite catering for added convenience. If a theme park is out of your wedding budget, a county fair or carnival may be another, more affordable option.