A funeral burial is a somber event that families plan in a variety of different ways. Depending on how you want the burial to proceed, there are several different elements that you can include at various parts of it. One option is to release a small group of doves. This action can symbolize different things to different people and can provide something of a comforting feeling to those who are in grief. If you've decided that you'll release some doves toward the end of the burial ceremony, here are some tips that you should implement to ensure that this step goes smoothly.

Position Them Properly

Your first instinct might be to keep the doves in a box or a cage that is close to where the crowd of attendees is gathered, but releasing them from this location could be less than optimal. If the doves are startled, some of them could initially fly toward the group of people — likely causing a bit of panic at a time when these people are already distraught. A better idea is to set up the box or cage a short distance away so that when you open it, the birds will have an open area in which to fly.

Announce What Is Happening

A lot of people have experienced doves being released at funeral burials, but you can be almost certain that not everyone in attendance will have been through such a spectacle. As such, it's a good idea to make a short announcement about what is happening. You may also want to list it on the funeral program if you're making one. Given the level of grief and the fact that there might be several elderly people in attendance, you want to avoid startling them. If someone doesn't expect the dove release, he or she will be caught off guard by several low-flying birds in the area. When you announce this part of the service, everyone will be ready.

Explain The Significance

Your reason for choosing to release some doves during the funeral burial may be personal, but it's a good idea to at least share something about this step. Those who haven't experienced a dove release or perhaps not heard about it may wonder about the significance of this event. A short mention about what this means can inform people and also comfort them. For example, you might discuss how, in your mind, the release of the doves symbolizes the spirit of your loved one going to heaven.

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