When planning a special event for your child, the first thing to consider is where you'll hold it. If the celebration will be too large to be held at a private residence, look for a space that will keep the youngsters entertained while still staying within your budget.

You can rent an event venue for any type of children's event, including school graduation celebrations, birthday parties, and holiday gatherings. Pick an all-purpose venue that can work for both kids' and adults' events, or go for one that is tailored to specifically accommodate youngsters.

Holding a special event in a private venue is convenient in that you may be able to get a package deal, which can save you money and time. Some packages include use of the event space as well as meals, desserts, decorations, games, and even party favors.

If you want to host the party at a popular venue or during a busy time of the year, such the holiday season, book it as far in advance as possible. Also, make sure to ask the event team what is included in the rental price so that you'll know what you need to bring yourself.

Here are some kids' event venue ideas to get you started:

1. Zoo  

Hosting your child's party at a local zoo is a surefire way to keep all of the young party-goers happy and busy the entire day. Kids will be able to roam the zoo and enjoy all of the exhibits and special shows offered as well as mix and mingle with their peers. 

A private indoor or outdoor event space may also be available for party games or meal service. You'll most likely have to bring in your own lunches, beverages, and cake unless the zoo features an onsite eatery. 

2. Pizza Parlor

A pizza parlor is a traditional event space option that typically combines kids' favorite foods with video games and other indoor types of indoor entertainment. The eateries are ideal for days when inclement weather is expected, such as during the cold winter or rainy spring months.

You may be able to pre-order your pizza in advance when you reserve the venue space, so you'll know exactly what it will cost. Be sure to include a plain cheese pizza for the vegetarians in the group, and ask whether you need to bring your own dessert, such as a birthday cake or cupcakes.