Wedding days are about showcasing the love between two people, but they are also about food. Have a food issue during your reception, and your guests won't forget. Thoughtfully planning a menu is the best way to avoid any complaints or upset palates, especially when it comes to an outdoor wedding reception.

1. Choose Alternative Salads

Potato salad and chicken salad are two summertime favorites that often end up on the menu for outdoor receptions. While tasty, these salads often require a lot of mayonnaise. Mayonnaise is not a warm-weather friendly food. In warm air, this ingredient is prone to rancidification, which is the process in which the fats and oils in the food oxidize. The result is a not-so-pleasant tasting dish. Switch things up with salads that use vinegar or olive oil as an alternative.

2. Avoid Insect Magnets

Anytime you bring food outdoors, you're bound to attract an insect. However, some foods are literal insect-magnets. You want to avoid these foods to keep your guests more comfortable. Avoid fish and pickled vegetables. The strong aroma given off by these foods is sure to send insects your way as they will be able to easily pick up the scent from far away. Desserts are another insect-attracting food, and while you can't avoid dessert, wait until it's time to serve them to bring the desserts outside. 

3. Bring on the Fruits and Vegetables

If it's warm enough to have your event outside, it's likely that the temperature is also warm enough to make you feel uncomfortable. You can help keep your guests more comfortable by serving an array of chilled fruits and vegetables. Fruits and vegetables both have a great deal of water in their makeup, which makes them slightly hydrating. Hydration keeps you cooler, helps keep you more comfortable, and makes you less prone to fatigue so that the party can keep going.

4. Chill Don't Ice 

In the same vein of keeping your guests cool, make sure you serve drinks that are chilled rather than iced. For instance, if you want to serve tea, serve it from an insulated serving bubble rather than from a bowl with ice. The ice will melt and water down whatever beverage is inside of it, which won't make it taste as desirable. A chilled bubble, on the other hand, will keep the beverage cooler and won't water it down.

For more menu planning tips, contact a wedding caterer for assistance.