Both bar crawls and club crawls are growing in popularity. They allow you to check out a number of bars or clubs in one area in one evening. This is perfect for tourists who are looking to see what each area has to offer or locals who want to find new places to hang out and quickly visit a number of new places. Each bar or club crawl is different. Many people base their decision on booking a bar or club crawl based on price, but there are a number of other factors you should consider. Here are a few of those other factors. 

What Locations the Club Crawl Stops In

One of the factors that you need to consider when you are looking to book a club crawl is what locations the crawl stops in. Look at the list of clubs and the various types of clubs that are being stopped in. Different clubs appeal to different clientele, so carefully considering the list of clubs will help you determine if the crawl may appeal to you. 

How Long You Spend At Each Club

Another important factor to consider when booking a club crawl is whether you are granted immediate access to clubs that you visit and how long you spend at each club. The last thing you want is to waste your time on a club crawl waiting to get into a club, so try to find crawls that provide you immediate access to the club so you can spend your time in the club. 

What Drinks the Fee Includes

The fee for club crawls typically covers your entrance fees or cover charges into the club. In some cases, you may also get one or two drinks at a club or bar. Find out what types of drinks are offered for your free drink. It may be limited to specific drinks or it may include all beers and well drinks. 

How You Get From One Location to Another

Finally, pay attention to how you get from one club to another. Some club crawls have you walk, some use a shuttle bus, and some use a trolley. There are different ways club crawls use to get you from one club to another. 

Each and every bar and club crawl is different. Considering each of the above factors will help you to select the bar or club crawl that best fits your needs and appeals to exactly what you are looking to gain by participating in one of these crawls.