When you look at renting a party tent, your first instinct might be to rent one that is white. Your local rental service almost certainly has a wide range of party tents that are white, but there may be other options for you to think about. Some party tents have clear roofs, which may be something that appeals to you. Regardless of the type of party for which you need a tent, a clear tent can be a good choice. Here are three benefits of choosing a clear party tent for your event.

It Can Feel Roomier

Regardless of the size of party tent that you rent, your event guests will be aware of the ceiling of the tent overhead. With a large tent, the ceiling may be several yards above them, but for a smaller tent, there may only be a few feet between your guests' heads and the ceiling of the tent. When you choose a clear tent, the ceiling doesn't feel nearly as apparent as it does in a white tent. This can immediately make the tent feel roomier. Your guests — especially those who might feel a little uncomfortable in crowded environments — will appreciate this feature.

It Will Feel Brighter

When you rent a tent, the rental service can direct you to a variety of different lighting options. This will especially be important if you're organizing an event that runs into the evening. While lights are valuable, natural light can also be instrumental in brightening the inside of your tent and making it appear inviting — during the daytime hours, anyway. A clear tent will allow sunlight to brighten the interior of the tent. This can give you the option of turning off your lights until it gets dark enough that you need them.

It Will Show The Surrounding Area

Depending on where you're setting up your tent, it can be nice for your gathered guests to see the surrounding area — something that is possible with a clear tent. For example, if you're situating the tent at the edge of a thicket of trees, it can be an appealing visual effect to look up through the ceiling of the tent and see the trees towering overhead. With a tent that is anything but clear, this obviously isn't something that will be possible. Speak to your party rental professional to learn more about clear tents and the benefits that they offer.

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