Do you want the comfort and convenience of a tent for your outdoor wedding but don't want to feel hemmed in by the tent itself? Then a clear top tent could be exactly what you've been looking for. This modern tent invention allows you to stay dry and warm while showing off the outdoors. And how you decorate it will make your rental even better.

To help you choose the right complements, here are five key tips for any wedding. 

1. Choose the Right Location

The signature feature of a clear top tent is, of course, its open ceiling showing what lies beyond. So if you are going to use this type of tent, make sure you choose a location that has much to offer. This could be anything from surrounding mountains to a cozy forest to the open night sky. Just make it something people will enjoy seeing.

2. Use Statement Lighting

The visually open roof of this tent is a great backdrop for statement lighting. Nighttime weddings, in particular, look fabulous with string lights that resemble the stars beyond or the quaint look of lanterns. Daytime wedding? Try hanging chandeliers for a truly elegant look. Whatever you choose, take advantage of the fact that the clear top will make people look up.

3. Don't Block Views

You rented this type of tent for a reason, so don't accidentally muddle it by blocking the view. Decorate the bottom half of the tent as much as you desire, but limit the decoration of the upper half. Let nature speak for itself. 

4. Bring the Outdoors In

Make the tent feel more open by blending it with the outdoor environment throughout your décor. Use live plants and small potted trees, for instance, to bring the surrounding greenery into the tent itself. Use greenery-filled centerpieces, or hang chandeliers from living frames. Whatever you choose, this balance will make your outdoor wedding truly outdoors. 

5. Use Reflections

Bring your clear top tent to life by adding reflections that brighten it and give it a little extra sparkle. Both gold and silver accents work well with the natural look of a clear tent, as do decorations that include mirrored and reflective surfaces. At night, this will make your tent seem just a little more romantic and closer to the stars.

Ready to get started decorating your clear top tent? Begin by learning more about styles, sizes, and shapes available in your area by meeting with a tent rental company today. No matter what you choose, this unique rental is sure to make your big day just a little more perfect.