Lounge areas are a modern ballroom wedding trend that helps everyone relax, be comfortable, and enjoy the reception the way they want to. But how should you use lounge areas in your particular space? Here are a few do's and don'ts.

Do Offer Privacy

Ballroom weddings can sometimes feel large and crowded for some guests, which is counterproductive for conversations. Avoid this by offering lounge areas that are tucked into niches or corners. Place lounges in different zones all around the ballroom as well — within view of reception activities but not at the forefront of the hustle and bustle. 

Don't Make Them Identical

Lounges should look and feel organic and natural, so don't set out a dozen identical and strictly lined-up lounges in a row. Vary the seating and lounging options — including tall chairs, low armless chairs, upholstered chairs, love seats, stools, and even sofas if your ballroom is large enough. Give people a choice about how to enjoy the area.

Do Make Them Cozy

Make your lounge areas inviting by adding cozy features. Pillows and even a blanket or two are a simple, inexpensive touch for any seating area. You might also light a lounge with lanterns, candles, or eclectic lamps to create a more intimate mood. Consider adding other features like rugs, footstools, florals or greenery, and plenty of tables for placing drinks. 

Don't Forget to Serve Them

If you have a plated dinner or wait staff helping serve guests — and during cocktail hour — make sure they check on lounging guests. Nothing is cozier than being able to catch up with a good friend without having to get up and cross the ballroom for that piece of wedding cake. Your guests will be happier and you'll have less to worry about. 

Do Match Them Thematically

Lounges can be a great part of your wedding décor, so choose the furnishings and decorations carefully. Today's couples have many styles and pieces to choose from — from formal armchairs to rustic hay bales — so opt for things that enhance your theme. A well-crafted lounge area could become a centerpiece of many pictures on social media, so remember to use some décor elements specific to your wedding. 

Lounges fit just about any wedding theme and style, so start planning yours today. Tour wedding ballroom venues in your area to see how you can integrate this fun and comfortable trend into your big day.