An important decision that will have a big impact on your wedding day is whether you'll choose one venue or two. While some people have their ceremony in one location and their reception in another, others favor choosing one venue that can hold both parts of your special day. Many venues are large enough that you can have your ceremony in one part of the venue and the reception in another part. For example, you might favor an outdoor ceremony in the venue's garden terrace and a reception in an indoor banquet hall just a few yards away. Here are some reasons to have your ceremony and reception in the same venue.

Easier For Your Guests

Having your entire special day take place at one venue can be easier for your guests. If you were to have both parts of your wedding occur at different venues, transportation could be a little challenging for some people. For example, those who don't drive would have to coordinate rides to both locations or perhaps take multiple forms of public transit throughout the day. Choosing one venue means that your guests need to only visit one location.

Less Decorating Time

Decorating your venue is an important part of giving your wedding the style that you want. While your venue's staff can do a lot of decorating for you, you may want to handle some of this work yourself to give it a personal touch. Decorating two separate venues can require a significant investment of your time on a day that you likely have many other tasks that require your attention. When you have your entire day take place at one venue, you'll cut down on the time that you'll need to invest in decorating.

More Affordable

You can expect that choosing one venue to host your ceremony and reception will be more affordable than using a pair of venues. While the cost of booking two venues will likely exceed the cost of booking one, you need to think about what things you'll need to rent for each venue. For example, you might need to rent a large number of chairs to use at each venue. When you choose one venue, you can order a smaller number of chairs because it's easy to use them for the ceremony and then for the reception afterward. When you have a specific budget that you need to keep, choosing one wedding venue can be a budget-conscious choice.