A bucking bull event offers fast-paced excitement and unpredictable actions as will bulls get released from gates and riders try to stay on for eight seconds at a time. If you've never attended an American Bucking bull event before, then you do not want to go in without any information. Follow this quick guide and some tips to get the most out of the experience.

1. Outdoor Event Tips

Bull events could be held either outdoors or indoors. If you attend an outdoor event, then you want to bring proper accessories to help you enjoy the show. Make sure you bring a pair of sunglasses. The sun's position could change dramatically over the course of an event and you do not want bright glares to disrupt your viewing experience.

Even if the sun shines behind you, the rays could reflect off seats or portions of the rodeo circle and create bright glares. If you wear regular glasses for vision, then consider a pair of prescription sunglasses so you can see and avoid harsh light.

You also want to lather up in sunscreen. When you sit in one position for a long time, you do not leave the event with painful and potentially dangerous sunburns on your body.

2. Watch Video Clips

While you cannot duplicate the excitement of a live rodeo show, you can understand the process a little more when you watch clips online. With the clips, you can see the set-up, what the other crew members do, and how each round works. You will have fewer questions once the event starts and can easily follow the action.

If you know the event schedule, then you could look up some of the riders and see their clips. When you follow specific riders, you will have someone to cheer for while you watch.

3. Learn Scoring Basics

While the goal for a bull rider is to stay on for at least eight seconds, that is not the only way to win. Bucking bull events have a specific scoring process that includes multiple judges. The judges score both the rider and the bull during the eight-second duration. The rider must keep one hand up in the air the whole time and is judged for their form and balance.

The bull points come with the number of times a bull bucks, spins, and moves around. A bull without a lot of movements will score much lower. The total possible score can reach 100 with 50 possible points for rider actions and 50 for the bull. When you know the points, you know what to look for and can understand the live scoreboards.

Use these tips and truly enjoy your first live rodeo experience. For more information on an American bucking bull event, contact a professional near you.